Unclutter (an intro)

I am currently sifting through the amount of physical crap I have and realized that I am a low-key hoarder and a high-key consumerist. I’ve seen one of my friends try this minimalist challenge and I guess I’ll give it a go. 

The idea is that you give up one item on the first of the month and then two items on the second of the month and so on and so forth. I’m a bit late to start for this month of May and I am going to modify the challenge. I’m not going to challenge another friend (not that I have many lol). And I’m going to do a weekly post just for the sake of compressing my posts.

I feel that when I get stressed out the clutter going on in my noggin manifests itself physically into my living and work spaces.  To deescalte this situation I want to have less to declutter. I want less to clean and less reason to feel that physical manifestation surround me. I want to scale back the amount  of crap I have so that if and when I move, it will be easy on me. I want to want less. Because in the end do you really need more than the basic necessities?

It’s been an odd ongoing issue for me to declutter my living spaces since I have started living by myself almost two years ago. I’ve lived in my current back cottage house for almost my whole life. The summer of 2015 my grandma who raised me decided to move out to the front cottage so I could learn how to be an adult. The majority of her things have gone to the front house, but she left a wake of odd items here and there that I’m still trying to clear out (ie everything under the kitchen sink).

Hopefully this experience will be another step towards the positive life I want to live.

((China Man’s Hat; April 30, 2017))


A Change of Pace

I decided to challenge myself and this blog is going to be a part of that. I’m a 20 something year old going through a 20 something year old crisis.  Go to college. Get a secure job. Nobody tells you that security does not always equate to happiness.

In truth I’ve always known creating is something I needed. So these posts will be a clusterf*ck of me trying to do just that.
((Haleakala; April 16, 2017))